Rabbit (feralfairy) wrote in violentdolls,

Friendly Moderator Notice.

Hello loves. This is your friendly neighborhood community owner bringing you a special announcement.

As I've been absent, I've noticed promotions for communities and events being posted here.
This has led me to create a couple of new rules.

1) Community Promotions: These will be considered on a case by case basis. Message me for permission beforehand, or the promotion will be deleted.

2) Event Promotions: These are not allowed. Ever. Frankly I think they're annoying considering that a majority of the people will find these utterly useless. These will be deleted without question. If they continue to be posted, the poster will be banned.

Thank you!
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Sorry, I was one of the offenders who did an event promotion *hangs head* But there wasn't any rule against it and it definitely fit the theme of the community. I'll be sure not to post anything like that in the future.

Rock on,
Rainbow Blight
No need to be sorry :)
I completely understand there was no rule against it at the time, and that I have been absent as a moderator.