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HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD [04 Aug 2010|08:24pm]

I though you guys might get a kick taking a peek at my latest project.


With this collection of re-imagined parody movie posters, I've faithfully hand-painted every detail before slaughtering them with a zombified treatment. Make no mistake, I'm having way too much fun with this. I grew up on great movies, but the movie posters themselves are almost more vivid in my memory as iconic images. So the opportunity to really study the original master artists like Drew Struzan, Bob Peak, Richard Amsel and others has been awesome.

It’s an ironic twist, to take these beautiful master-works, attempting to recreate every detail, while shredding them to bloody pulps. Nothing here is sacred, but it’s all in good fun and out of the utmost respect to the original posters that had such an impact on my life.

If you find yourself hungry for more, check out the new website: Hollywood-is-Dead.com!
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New True Crime vs. Crime-in-the-Media Community [27 Feb 2010|08:24am]

Mod, if this is not allowed, I apologize. I believe I tried to contact you, to seek permission, but got no response.

killer_culture is a community for those interested in true crime as well as related books, movies, television shows, etc. Anything related to true crime (even fictional) is welcome: debates, discussions concerning tv shows/movies/books (Dexter, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, etc.), icons, questions, news articles, pictures, pretty much anything relevant.

We're a brand new community and we're looking for interested members, "fans" of various crime-based shows/movies/etc. to keep debates/discussions fresh and interesting and to get the ball rolling. We're trying to stand out; since there are tons of true crime communities and tons of fandom communities...we're combining the two, in a sense! If this turns into a "one-trick-pony", it's going to die fast, and we don't want that!

If anyone has any questions, concerns or suggestions, contact me or the other mod, ar_poe.
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The Naughty Night Stalker [23 Feb 2010|09:57am]

(Mods, if this is not allowed, I apologize!)

About two years ago I corresponded with Richard Ramírez pretty frequently. He was shy, polite but withdrawn at first but over the course of almost a year, he slowly opened up. We had some pretty interesting discussions. We exchanged photographs and he praised me with compliments and constantly asked for more.

Finally, he manned up and asked me, in very specific detail, to take certain "naughty" photos of myself for him. I could not read the letter/request with a straight face. I still can't! I thought it was completely inappropriate and hilarious. I had no idea how to reply other than with a "wtf, perv!" So, I haven't responded to that letter yet.

I may write him again, now that time has passed, hoping he's forgotten by now and we can "start over."

But anyway, after giving it some thought (and after several requests) I've decided to share the "inappropriate letter".

He also included two separate pieces of paper. One with a story which he thought was amusing (and apparently thought it would amuse me too). Another with a drawing for me.

They can be found HERE at killer_culture.
Note: You must join to view the entry.

x-posted, sorry!
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How to Perform a Konxari Reading! [10 Jun 2009|11:07am]

Wanna contact the dead?

No, seriously. I've just produced a new video that shows how to use Konxari Cards to communicate with those on the other side. This may sound complicated, but this user-friendly video will show you all you need to know in less than 5 minutes!

The video below will have you solving your poltergeist problems in no time flat. Whether you're eager to ghost hunt, or contact a loved one long-gone, here you'll learn the simple steps to utilize the Konxari, quick and easy.

For more information, or where to order your own deck of Konxari Cards, visit www.konxari.com!
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Friendly Moderator Notice. [09 Jan 2008|03:41pm]

Hello loves. This is your friendly neighborhood community owner bringing you a special announcement.

As I've been absent, I've noticed promotions for communities and events being posted here.
This has led me to create a couple of new rules.

1) Community Promotions: These will be considered on a case by case basis. Message me for permission beforehand, or the promotion will be deleted.

2) Event Promotions: These are not allowed. Ever. Frankly I think they're annoying considering that a majority of the people will find these utterly useless. These will be deleted without question. If they continue to be posted, the poster will be banned.

Thank you!
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Vlad Dracula was meaner and crazier than Courtney Love during an intervention… [08 Nov 2007|03:24pm]


 …but he may have been victim of the first mass market smear campaign.  Also, he looked like the unholy lovechild of Yanni.  Discover these and other terrible secrets in my funny vampire book, Sundays with Vlad ( www.vladlives.com ). 


Or just come by my blog at http://paulbibeau.livejournal.com and say hello.

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HALLOWEEN MUSIC [18 Oct 2007|03:24pm]
I know I am always on the lookout for Halloween music to help set the mood for my favorite holiday of the year. I just found the perfect cd for the occasion, called "The witch's garden", by Abandoned Toys. If anyone else has some dark classical, moody dark ambient suggestions for creating that special halloween ambiance let us know!
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[22 Jun 2007|05:52pm]


"Frankenstein" Bride. She stands 14" tall with a plush filled body and porcelain face and limbs.
She has bolts in her neck, swarovski crystal earrings, her white and ivory laced dress and hair piece is made from 3 types of scrap fabric and lace (like Frankenstein was scrap parts, get it?), she has a 16 inch train as well. Her makeup and nailpolish are black and purple.
This doll also comes with a dead flowers bouquet and a stunning head piece/veil, and comes with a white and silver doll stand.
For Auction: $65.00 click the pic.
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[26 Jul 2006|12:54pm]

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[11 Jun 2006|03:17pm]


sorry if this isn't allowed - I can delete it if it is not.
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A bit of gore! [14 May 2006|08:16pm]

.....Collapse )
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[06 Apr 2006|08:10pm]

My friend told me about the Otaku Murderer, and sent me a wikipedia article on the guy:

anyone heard of him? I never really looked up information about serial killers in other countries, besides the ones in England.

very sick yet interesting.

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Finally... CONJURE is released! [29 Mar 2006|01:51am]

Well, today marks the release of an incredible DVD of monumental proportions. Fans the world over have been waiting a long time for this, and today they can get this amazing movie on DVD to enjoy in the comforts of their own home. Friends, please join me in praising the DVD release of this spectacular film... KING KONG.

Oh, and there's another movie that was released today. It's a much smaller movie made with the budget the size of one of KONG's dandruff flakes. But once you've had your fix of KING KONG, please take a chance on my first indie movie, CONJURE!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Actually, in the comparatively tiny world of CONJURE, we actually did break a record, which is kind of cool. As of last week, CONJURE was the 'Highest PreSelling Movie of All Time' at HorrorMovies.com. Not too shabby, considering they were also preselling KING KONG... I realize that most KONG fans didn't rush to HorrorMovies.com for their preorder, but for CONJURE to break any record at all is something that I'm happy about and proud of.

Anyway, I'm sure that most of you are sick of hearing about CONJURE, and since it's out and available today, I promise that this will be my last post blatantly plugging it.

The official website has just been updated with a current list of all the cool places you can buy or rent the movie online, including NETFLIX, AMAZON, BEST BUY, BARNES & NOBLE, TARGET, FAMILY VIDEO and others. Head on over to ConjureTheMovie.com!

Thanks again for everyone's help and support on this project over the past couple years. It's been an enjoyable ride, and I can't wait to start the next one! :)
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[15 Mar 2006|09:42pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

I want to slash my throat open and have him shove his cock into my oesophagus brutally.

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FANGORIA covered my movie! :) [20 Feb 2006|03:07am]

Thanks to my friend Erin for pointing this out to me right here on LiveJournal! The latest issue of FANGORIA has a really great article on my first independent movie, CONJURE!

The article does a fantastic job not only giving a synopsis of the supernatural thriller, but the trials it took to make it here in Detroit and Hollywood. It covers everything from who Sarah and I are, and how I went from being a STAR WARS artist to producing a movie of my own.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Speaking of the movie, it comes to DVD this March 28th from Razor Digital Entertainment! If you're interested, you can Preorder CONJURE right HERE at HorrorMovies.com. Right now they are running an incredible sale price of just $9.77! And- EVERYONE who preorders will be entered into a drawing where 8 lucky winners will receive ORIGINAL PIECES OF ARTWORK by yours truly!

Of course, you can always find out the latest on CONJURE, and download the trailer at ConjureTheMovie.com!
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[03 Feb 2006|05:10pm]

So my keen interest in Serial Killers has gotten my name submitted to the counselors at my school.

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[25 Jan 2006|12:15am]

hey thar

last nite i went to my bed and i took my dead neighbor and facked dem in deh pooper

but now im worried

wut if ppl find owt?
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MOTHER FUCKING HOSTEL!!!! [16 Jan 2006|07:07am]

[ mood | excited ]

People are actually making Horror again!!! In America! Not just Asia! Real Horror, not that stupid trendy teen bullshit in the 90's (scream, i know what you did last summer, ect.)Eli Roth is a Fucking God!!! A couple of previews looked promising too! If you haven't seen it yet GO SEE HOSTEL!!!! The first half is a little cliche,(20 somethings partying in europe) but the second half MORE than makes up for it!!! X-specially with me being a Special FX make-up whore and all.

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[15 Jan 2006|12:22pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

sorry if this isnt allowed, but I thought some of the members here might be interested in joining
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[08 Dec 2005|10:36pm]

well, i thought this community seemed a little dead so I thought Id join in

a brick in the faceCollapse )

x-posted at art_of_death
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